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Wildstreet - Come Down

Wildstreet have dropped their electrifying new single 'Come Down' featuring star collaborations.


Following on from the success of 'Sick to Death', Wildstreet have released their new single 'Come Down'. Wildstreet began in 2006, releasing their debut self-titled album on Retrospect Records in 2009. After this release the band proceeded to spend four years nonstop touring and gaining fans from all over. A few years later and Wildstreet were gaining worldwide attention, the group appeared on 'The Jimmy Fallon Show', had songs licensed to multiple TV shows and released their 'Poison Kiss' music video which featured Don Jameson (The Metal Show). Most recently Wildstreets 2021 release 'III' has over 2.5 million streams on Spotify. Now Wildstreet have released a single that embodies contemporary party rock, that's loaded with electrifying riffs. 'Come Down' even sees some impressive features join the crew, Steeve Estatoff (The Voice, France) and Erik Eldenius. For 2024 Wildstreet have some festival appearances on the horizon as well as the release date for their EP being on the verge of being revealed. So, keep your eyes and ears peeled.

'Come Down' (video)

Listen to 'Come Down' HERE

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