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Caleb Hyles - Never Back Down

Caleb Hyles has released an anthem for anyone who may feel like they are not "enough".


New anthem from Caleb Hyles 'Never Back Down' is a powerful rock track. Best known for his Youtube covers, Hyles exploded onto the scene with his cover of 'Let It Go' in 2014. Over the years he has amassed a following of 1.5 million Youtube subscribers and over one million monthly Spotify listeners. For 'Never Back Down' Caleb Hyles worked with rap and rock artist Manafest, as well as the artist/production team Judge & Jury (Starset, Breaking Benjamin, Escape The Fate)

"'Never Back Down' is an anthemic call-to-arms for all those who are tired of feeling like they're stuck in place, sinking to the bottom, or never feeling like they're "enough". The song cries out to a generation that has given up on one another and themselves, daring us to break the status-quo through faith, perseverance, and choosing to trust. We will never back down from making the difficult decisions. We will never back down from choosing to listen. We will never back down from accepting that we all have a long way to go. Head above water. We will not drown." - (Caleb Hyles)

Listen to 'Never Back Down' HERE

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