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Vallies - Kaleidoscope

EP Name: Kaleidoscope

Artist: Vallies

Bart - Vocals Zian - Guitar Jay - Bass

Dave - Drums

Released: July 2022

Label: Independant

Rating: 7/10



  1. In Memory (Swept Away)

  2. Shame

  3. Kaleidoscope

  4. Anti-Socials

  5. Fall

Gold Coast alt-rockers Vallies have recently released their debut EP 'Kaleidoscope' which is full of bright, summery anthems. The debut EP that comes from Vallies is definitely one to be blasting and jamming along to on a warm summers day. The five-track piece was created a little differently as instead of having one producer the band decided to show off the talents of five different producers, having each song on 'Kaleidoscope' allowing a different producer to put their own individual stamp on it. This also gives each song it's own individuality and allowed each producer to have one song that suits them. Vallies also created a film clip to go along with the EP's title track. With a theme of "personal growth thanks to those closest to us" the band had friends and fans send in video clips and there are also live shots of the band which were filmed and edited by local production company Neish Media. Neish Media have also worked with Vallies previously on their video for 'It's All Sunshine'. On the tracks within 'Kaleidoscope' the main feeling I took away was that it's this bright, uplifting EP. You can hear each songs own individuality but 'Kaleidoscope' fits together perfectly. There is however definitely songs I like more than others, for instance the opening funky, fun track 'In Memory (Swept Away)' was good but at moments it just felt like there was a little bit too much going on for me. On the other hand second track 'Shame' brought my attention right back and I really enjoyed how catchy this one is. I even thought there was a slight punk hint to 'Shame' and it is a stand out track on here. 'Shame' may be a stand out track for me but my favourite is 'Anti-Socials', this one starts out kind of chill and at first I wasn't sure but it grows into something huge. With guitars and bass that are easy to groove along with, drums that carry throughout and probably in my opinion the strongest vocals on the EP there was no way I couldn't love this song. 'Anti-Socials' feels more modern alt rocky than the other tracks on 'Kaleidoscope' and is probably the only one on here that could have a crowd headbanging along. Another thing I love about this song is the emotion which feels so raw and real. Talking about emotions within the EP I can't not mention title track 'Kaleidoscope'. This one focuses more on love for family (or friends) and being there for the people in your life. It is very uplifting and wholesome feeling. I think it would impossible to feel sad while listenining to this track and it is super fun to just dance along with while enjoying the bright tones. Overall is this my favourite EP I've heard this year? Too be honest, probably not, I do however think the bright energy has it's place and a lot of people will enjoy 'Kaleidoscope'. It's definitely worth a listen and I'm happy I got the chance to check it out. I also did really like the fact that Vallies used a different producer for each track on 'Kaleidoscope' allowing five different people to show off their talents within. So if you get the chance, check this one out, it's definitely one of those EP's that'll leave you in a good mood. Producers involved: Jared Adlam (Machine Lab) Troy Borg (Sunnyside Sound) Mike Watson (Wharves) Sam Woods (JUNO) Benny D. Williams (BDW Music)

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