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Leaving Bordeaux - On Fire

Glasgow based pop/rock band Leaving Bordeaux are 'On Fire' with their infectious new single.


Leaving Bordeaux have released their first single of the year 'On Fire'. The high energy track will be one you want to come back and listen to again and again. Off the back of spending four days recording in Liverpool with the Sugarhouse production team (Glasscaves, Pale Waves), Leaving Bordeaux have put out their infectious new song 'On Fire'. The Glasgow based band already have some pretty catchy tracks released but this one is definitely the kind of song I can't stop listening to.

The high energy 'On Fire' comes at you with powerful instrumentation, catchy raw vocals, emotional harmonies and punchy rhythms. From the second the pounding drums hit my ears I was excited by this track. Quickly joined by an emotional rhythm and super catchy guitar line that leads you into a large chorus there's nothing to not like with 'On Fire'. I personally love how it manages to capture this raw emotion while also having a beat that makes you want to dance along and overall this is a song that I could imagine filling a room with it's multiple elements and large sound.

Listen to 'On Fire' HERE

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