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Tyburn Blossom - Call It Love

Tyburn Blossom has released their first single of the year 'Call It Love' which has more of a dark gothic vibe to it than previous single I reviewed 'The Catch Is Better Than The Chase'.


'Call It Love' the new track from Tyburn Blossom sees the artist dip back into the dark gothic roots. Tyburn Blossom from Scandinavia is an artist that is bringing back an almost lost sound in the gothic scene while putting their own stamp on it. If you've enjoyed artists such as New Order, Siouuxsie and the Banshees and The Cure then Tyburn Blossom may be another one to add to your playlists. They have recieved attention from radio play on stations like Italy's GBJ and Jorvik Radio. This new track 'Call It Love' I think really allows you to see the influence that Tyburn Blossom has had from artists from generations before. In ways I even heard hints of people like David Bowie within this gothic track. I can't talk about this song and not point out the guitar solo which completely took me by surprise but the almost uplifting tone really added to the otherwise sombre piece. For me this was one of those songs that I wasn't entirely sure of at the beginning but as it went on I found myself getting more and more intrigued by what I was hearing. 'Call It Love' is definitely one to check out for anyone who likes that darker vibe of the older generations.

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