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Bandwithoutband - Nightrider

On the 1st of October Bandwithoutband released new alt metal track 'Nightrider'.


Bandwithoutband's new track 'Nightrider' feels like a trip back in time. The song has this alt but classic metal tone to it and is kinda gloomy at times but with heavy riffs.

Bandwithoutband is a project created by solo artist Marc who is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Hamburg, Germany. He started creating music when he was in school which is also when he would play gigs with his former band and then after school they would play pubs and clubs. This new track is in my opinion stronger than the last release from Bandwithoutband. I quite enjoyed listening to the instrumentals particularly in 'Nightrider' as they for me definitely had this nostaligic, classic metal quality to them. The song overall feels in a way kinda gloomy but not super depressing to listen to, I think this could mainly come from the vocals as they are quite monotone throughout most of the song but this does fit the track.

Listen to 'Nightrider' HERE

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