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Sodus - We Only Want the Earth

Album Name: We Only Want the Earth

Artist: Sodus

Ben Mitchell

Released: September 2021

Label: Independant

Rating: 6.5/10



  1. Damoclean

  2. We Only Want the Earth

  3. Gutshot

  4. Open Door/Swinging Bulb

  5. Between the Hours

One person instrumental project Sodus; created by Ben Mitchell, is releasing his debut album 'We Only Want the Earth' on the 24th of September. The doom metal/post-rock 5 track piece is kind of spooky, full of many great rises and falls blended with fuzzy tones and static moments.

'We Only Want the Earth' began as a collection of drum machine experiments that were inspired by early Godflesh albums. Quickly Mitchell formed this into an entire instrumental experience and Sodus's debut album was born. The album contains five songs that blend together drone, doom, shoegaze and post-rock. 'We Only Want the Earth' is a thirty-six minute long journey that is full of heavy guitars and industrial drums. 'We Only Want the Earth' opens with 'Damoclean'. The best way I could describe this track is kinda spooky and much like a horror film there was a moment that made me jump. The fuzzy sounds that you hear at first don't quite prepare you for the heavy guitar you are soon hit with; but not before a creepy voice greets you getting more and more distorted pulling you further into this world. Throughout this album songs such as 'Open Door/Swinging Bulb' and 'We Only Want the Earth' feel more doom like than the others and have that real heavy sound. Whereas 'Gutshot' which is actually my favourite has this upbeat tempo. This one definitely stood out to me because it feels very different to the other tracks, it's quite repetitive in nature but in a good way. I think when it comes to this style of music you can really get away wih repetition if it's done right and with 'Gutshot' this is definitely the case. Overall 'We Only Want the Earth' is a good doom focused album. If you like that style of music or bands such as; Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Bongripper, Have a Nice Life, Jesu, Godflesh and The Angelic Process then this might be for you. Personally I don't think I will be listening to this album a lot as I'm not too much of a fan of instrumental doom metal but I think for people that are I can see that this is a pretty good debut album. They're is a nice rhythm held throughout 'We Only Want the Earth' that keeps your head moving which I think is a great sign that this is something to be enjoyed. Ben Mitchell is currently working on his sophomore album and putting together a live show that will see 'We Only Want the Earth' from start to finish. Check out Sodus


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