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Depressed Mode - Endless November

Finnish symphonic doom metal band Depressed Mode are back after ten years! Their new single and music video 'Endless November' feat. Veronica Bordacchini is out now!


Depressed Mode are back after pretty much a decade. The group have made their return with epic and emotional track 'Endless November' which features Veronica Bordacchini (Fleshgod Apocalypse) and comes with a brand new music video. Formed back in 2005 the Finnish based group came together and put out two studio albums via Firedom Music; 'Ghosts of Devotion' (2007) and '..for Death..' (2009). Following this the band took a hiatus in 2010. Depressed Mode are back reforming in 2020 and now releasing their first single since the break 'Endless November'. The group are also set to release a third studio album, the aptly named 'Decade of Silence' on the 6th of May 2022 via Inverse Records.

"'Endless November' tells of immense loss and sorrow. The song is painted in gloomy waters, the ocean of sorrow, forests of death, and fields of pain. The heart can break from painful memories, and it's own existence. The birth of the song was the first of its kind in almost ten years. It went all the way to the mastering of the project under the name of Doom, and it was great to hear it completely ready, as well as the whole album, of course! Veronica's contribution to the song was, in my opinion, a pure diamond, and it wouldn't of become as massive without her." - (Otto Salonen, Vocals)

Band Line Up

Otto Salonen: Vocals & Guitar Teemu Heinola: Guitar Henri Hakala: Bass Iiro Aittokoski: Drums

Listen to 'Endless November'

Pre order 'Decade of Silence' HERE

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Picture by Jamppa Lamminpaa

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