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Trep - Renewed

Album Name: Renewed

Artist: Trep

Rachel Thomas: Vocals Declan McCabe: Guitar Sam Green: Bass, Vocal Harmonies Max Hill: Drums

Released: October 2021

Label: Independant

Rating: 6.5/10



  1. Sinking

  2. Saviour

  3. A Deadly Blow

  4. Catch Your Breath

  5. Renewed

Hard rock band Trep from South Wales have recently released their dark EP 'Renewed'. The four piece combine hard rock/metal riffs with loud drums and powerful vocal harmonies to create this five track project. The first song 'Sinking' instantly hits you allowing the listener to know what kind of music to expect. The metal/emo/post hardcore (that's how I would describe it) song grows as it goes along eventually leading you to this epic vocal harmony in the chorus which was a stand out moment for me on this EP. The next two songs 'Saviour' and 'A Deadly Blow' were probably the two I didn't enjoy as much on 'Renewed'. I think for 'Saviour' this is because it just didn't have anything about it that felt special to me. It was just another metal song. Then in the case of 'A Deadly Blow' I didn't really like the slower type sound on this band. This song in my opinion did get better as it went along but sadly I did again just find it a little bit same old and the vocals didn't necessarily suit the song for me. Now onto the last two tracks 'Catch Your Breath' and 'Renewed'. Title track 'Renewed' is a pretty good song, I really liked the guitar line that ran throughout it. 'Catch Your Breath' is my favourite on the EP though, from the intro I found myself tuning right back into what I was listening to. I can understand why they would've chosen to have this song as a single as I believe this is their strongest. Overall this EP is an interesting one to me. I can't lie and say it's something I absolutely loved but there was something that has made me want to hear more. I think Trep could be one of those bands with a little bit more growth they will be a band I really enjoy listening to. If songs such as 'Catch Your Breath' are anything to go by then I will definitely be tuning in again. However for 'Renewed' this EP was a decent metal/hard rock EP it just didn't stand out as anything special to me.

Listen to 'Renewed' HERE

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