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Scarsun - Higanbana, Pt. One

EP Name: Higanbana, Pt. One

Artist: Scarsun

Letha Curtis: Vocals Matt Hall: Guitar Aaron Jukes: Guitar Jim McDonald: Bass Nathan Buckland: Drums

Released: October 2021

Label: Independant

Rating: 7.5/10



  1. Chains

  2. Time

  3. Meaningful Intentions

  4. Make Me Ache

'Higanbana, Pt. One' is an EP that comes at you hard and fast. The riff charged instrumentals mixed with the 2000's pop/rock like vocal melodies gives Scarsun this sound that sits nicely between metal and alt rock and gives the listener heavy enjoyment with catchy melodies. Opening track 'Chains' throws you straight in with a powerful opening riff and attacking drums before the softer vocals that kind of constrast meet you and make for something interesting and enjoyable. I found the lyrics in this one to be instantly catchy and from this song alone I could tell that this was a band I was going to like and was excited for the rest of the EP. My first thought to describe Scarsun was if pop went metal and that I found to be most true in second track and first single 'Time'. In my opinion the vocal melody within this one really seemed to have this early 2000's pop style to it but this is paired with guitars that could quite happily fit into someone like Godsmack or Gojira's discography. I would say that 'Time' was probably my least favourite within the EP as it just felt a little weaker than the other songs but on a plus the drums in that breakdown moment were insane. With the third track 'Meaningful Intentions' Scarsun slow things down a little. You can tell quickly by the lyrics that this is a song about heartbreak and overall it is a very beautiful song. It may begin slowly but the chorus's aren't afraid to show off a little more of that heavy riff's that the rest of the EP contain. Again the drums in this one really caught my attention as did the bass, esspecially within the second verse when 'Meaningful Intentions' slows down after the chorus. The most recent and second single from Scarsun is closing track 'Make Me Ache'. This one to me felt like the heaviest of the lot and was definitely a favourite. I loved how that pop tone seemed to become a lot more rocky within 'Make Me Ache' and the best way I could describe this song is just "badass". This is one of those songs you blast with your earphones in walking down the street and you will just feel awesome. The melody of the chorus is stunning and this song also much like the others has some very catchy lyrics that you could be singing along with in no time. 'Make Me Ache' comes accompanied with a music video. This video was directed/produced and edited by Adam Prosser. The music was produced by Jeff Rose. Photography was done by Tom Damsell. And it was shot at McCann's Rock N Ale Bar in Newport.

Watch 'Make Me Ache' video

Overall this debut EP from Scarsun I would say is definitely worth checking out. I personally can't wait for part two. 'Higanbana, Pt. One' will be getting added to my playlists once I'm finished writing this as I want to hear those riffs and catchy rhythms again and again.

Scarsun upcoming shows

29th October - Hellcats Halloween Party - Bristol, UK 4th December - Scarsun at Green Rooms - Treforest Industrial Estate, UK 18th December - Neon Goat Xmas Party - Newport, UK 26th February - Neon Goat Media Presents: Torchbearer/Scarsun/Applied Science Live at Fuel Rock Club - Cardiff, UK

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