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Jack Adamant - Obscure Places & Cupboards

Album Name: Obscure Places & Cupboards

Artist: Jack Adamant

Released: September 2022

Rating: 7/10



  1. Itchy Memories

  2. You First

  3. A Plan To Stay

  4. Brush Your Teeth With A Smile

  5. In My Lie

  6. Leaves

  7. Astray

  8. Space Frame

  9. Faithless Universe

  10. Here And Still

Solo alt/punk artist Jack Adamant released their third album 'Obscure Places & Cupboards' back in September and it's full of melodies that will get stuck in your head. Jack Adamant takes on a modern alt rock sound with a healthy splash of punk. The solo project has seen Jack Adamant win a punk rock contest organized by Punk Rock Radar and he was also recently on the Moan Barrow Show. 'Obscure Places & Cupboards' opens with 'Itchy Memories' a track I honestly wasn't very sure of, and it wasn't until second song 'You First' came on that I realized this was an album that I was going to enjoy. 'You First' is fun and loud and it mashes that punk and alt rock sound perfectly. 'You First' is a song that will make you want to jump around the room, or at least that's the feeling I got. It's easily my favourite on the album and it stands out against the other tracks on 'Obscure Places & Cupboards'. Another song I quite liked on the album is 'A Plan To Stay'. This one has a little bit more of a pop-punk edge to it and I really liked the vocals in it. I may not have loved the chorus as much as the verses as I feel it becomes a little too crowded but it's still a song that is very much worth listening to. 'In My Lie' is another one that is interesting for me because I really enjoyed it but in my opinion it wasn't one of the strongest songs on here. Listening to it I found myself bopping along to the catchy beat and as much as I didn't necessarily love it I kept wanting to go back and listen again. Songs like 'Brush Your Teeth With A Smile' and 'Faithless Universe' I saw potential in but for me they just weren't quite there. It's like I would've liked to see a little bit more from them and then they could've been up there with tracks like 'You First'. Outside of the songs I have mentioned, the others on 'Obscure Places & Cupboards' were alright, but for me there was nothing that particularly stood out about them. For the most part this album is nice to listen to alt/punk rock with a couple of standout moments. Jack Adamant is an artist I will continue to follow and keep an ear out for more gems.

Listen to 'Obscure Places & Cupboards' HERE

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