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Tooth Marks - Don't Say Goodbye

Bedfordshire rock band Tooth Marks encourage listeners to embrace the here and now with heartfelt new track 'Don't Say Goodbye'.


On the 28th of August Bedfordshire rock group Tooth Marks released their newest heartfelt single 'Don't Say Goodbye'. Tooth Marks new single is an emotion filled track about not being ready to say your final farewells. With 'Don't Say Goodbye' Tooth Marks combine rock melodies with honest lyrics while encouraging listeners to embrace the here and now. The track opens as a synth pop rock piece that flows into this soft rock melody. 'Don't Say Goodbye' shows a clear growth from Tooth Marks since I reviewed them last for 'Remove the Stigma' (2021). This new song shows off powerful emotion with its anthem like melody and even has some 2000's rock guitar moments thrown in there. 'Don't Say Goodbye' is heartfelt and pure and I enjoyed hearing how far Tooth Marks have come in their sound in the last couple of years.

Listen to 'Don't Say Goodbye' HERE

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