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Lex Maria - Ghosts

Swedish noisy alt punk rock band Lex Maria have released their new EP 'Ghosts'.


Alt punkrockers Lex Maria have released their second EP 'Ghosts'. The swedish based group who have recently released their new EP have been around for a couple of years, and have been throwing out a considerable amount of releases. Coming together in 2020 they immediately set out to record. In the same year first EP 'Handcuffed + Burned' was recorded and then released the following year 2021. Then into 2022 they spent time recording new EP 'Ghosts' at the indie favourite Studio Mollan in Malmo, Sweden.

"We say we are an indie punk band playing some sort of alternative rock, but we float in and out of these genres. We are 90's noise, 80's post punk and some 00's emo in our own way." - (Lex Maria)

Lex Maria plays cat image influenced, sexually frustrated alternative rock. Throwing together noisy rock and alt rock of the late 80's and 90's they have created their own sound around what they grew up listening to.

Listen to 'Ghosts' HERE

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