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Conflict Hope - Echo

Conflict Hope define themselves as a voice to bring you out of the dark with their debut single 'Echo'.


New Scottish alt-rock band Conflict Hope from Scotland have released their first single 'Echo'. Conflict Hope may have already been around for over eight years but it wasn't until this final line-up was complete that they were ready to start releasing their music. This recent formation sees lead vocalist Mollie Stevenson join the group, with her powerful vocals the Tik Tokker is a great addition. Conflict Hope write songs with a meaningful lyrical approach and aim to help people with their music.

Debut single 'Echo' comes after a conversation with a fan that was being bullied online. The track that combines emotional vocals, bright guitars and thunderous drums focuses on finding the light at the end of the tunnel.

"We want to help people through our music 'Echo' is a song that sums up who we are as a band and the messages we want to get across to people, which was hugely important for us to do on our debut single. We wanted to write the biggest chorus in the world that everyone could sing at our gigs." - (Conflict Hope)

Welcoming listeners to Conflict Hope with this bright, upbeat alt-rock track, I can see this band being pretty popular. There's an infectious pop like melody throughout that makes this one you don't want to stop listening to. I can imagine the feel-good energy of it being played live, everyone in the crowd smiling. 'Echo' may be about the topic of bullying, but it definitely feels hopeful and focused on that light at the end of the tunnel. The whole track is vibrant and is guaranteed to make you feel good. 'Echo' was produced, mixed and mastered by Mark Tindall (lead vocalist for To Kill Achilles) and was recorded at Open Eyes Productions in Dundee, Scotland. For fans of modern-day pop-rock/alt-rock these guys are worth checking out. 'Echo' is a strong debut release and I'm excited to see how Conflict Hope continue.

Listen to 'Echo' HERE

Conflict Hope are

Mollie Stevenson: Lead Vocals Jake Rodger: Guitar & Backing Vocals Inaxio Abecia: Guitar & Backing Vocals Ross Yule: Drums

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