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Vulpine - People Pleaser

Aberdeen based melodic alt-rock outfit Vulpine have recently released their newest single 'People Pleaser'.


'People Pleaser' sees alt-rock band Vulpine deliver their second installment from upcoming EP 'Fight/Flight/Freeze/Fawn'. The Aberdeen group who formed in 2019 have rapidly been gaining a reputation around the music scene. The four-piece are a strong emerging talent, delivering relatable and emotive tracks that aren't necessarily defined by any specific genre. Since Vulpine's debut EP release back in 2021 they have been drawing in listeners all across the world. 'Ventures' also features personal favourite of mine and definite crowd pleaser 'Aftermath', which is the song that made me say "I have to see these guys live". As well as gaining fans from all over, the title track from 'Ventures' saw the band featured on BBC Introducing. Now in 2023 Vulpine are gearing up for their next EP release 'Fight/Flight/Freeze/Fawn'. 'People Pleaser', Vulpine's newest single and second installment from the upcoming EP is an infectious yet emotive track. This song along with other recent release 'Lost for Words' I think are showing off how much Vulpine have grown up sound wise since their earlier debut EP. There's this mature melodic alt-rock energy which feels different to the pop-punk edge that 'Ventures' had. New single 'People Pleaser' is powerful and has the ability to be very popular with it's easy to follow melody. The strong emotive lyrics and relatability makes it one that's hard not to love, I know I will be enjoying 'People Pleaser' again and again.

'People Pleaser' (Official Music Video)

Listen to 'People Pleaser' HERE

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