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TMCF - Rule of the Reckless

TMCF are back. After a year of not releasing music they have announced their upcoming EP with first single 'Rule of the Reckless' coming out on the 2nd of September.


TMCF may have not released music in a little while but the announcement of 'The Space In Between Part 2' proves just how busy they have been alongside playing gigs. 'Rule of the Reckless' will give listeners their first insight into the EP which has been in the works for the past six months. Much like part one of 'The Space In Between', 'The Space In Between Part 2' has been self-produced by TMCF using Garageband IOS on an IPhone, not that you be able to tell that this has been made using such simple technology. 'Rule of the Reckless' feels professionally done as did 'The Space In Between Part 1' which I found impressive when I reviewed it last year and still do now. TMCF are a sort of alt rock, indie band but they really push the boundaries of what they can sound like. 'Rule of the Reckless' definitely leans more into what I would call a cinematic style. From the calm vocals and guitars that gently bring you into the track it just grows until you are totally surrounded by these large sounds. At around a minute into the song when it starts to break in I got super excited about the guitars I was hearing and the soft beat from drums following behind. 'Rule of the Reckless' has this weird effect on me where I find it simultaneously calming and exciting. I love how every element seems so simple but together makes this intriguing, complex sounding song that I just wanted more and more of. Personally I believe that TMCF have developed more into their sound and as much as I wasn't the biggest fan of 'The Space In Between Part 1' if part two is anything like this first single then I am definitely excited for it. 'Rule of the Reckless' is a song I just want to listen to again and again and everytime I do it brings me more.

Pre save 'Rule of the Reckless' HERE

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