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Third Lung - What Is A Life?

'What Is A Life?' is a large new song from rock four piece Third Lung. Released on 30th of July the track is already recieving attention and is well deserved of more.


'What Is A Life?' is a larger than life track that surrounds you fully taking over while asking the philosophical question "What is a life on your own". The song is fitting to what everyone has experienced in the past year or so and I think that Third Lung have taken those thoughts and turned them into something magical. Everything about this song blends together perfectly to create this one big sound that is a song I could imagine people singing along to and getting stuck in your head. From the ethereal lead guitar, to the melodic bass, the drums that tell a story and emotionally exposed lyrics and vocals, it all just works. Third Lung are a band I've known of since their last release 'Hold The Line' which was a song I totally fell in love with instantly and 'What Is A Life?' isn't much different. I think that this song and Third Lung overall capture this emotion within their music that is hard not to feel and with melodies that are addictive to listen to what's not to like.

Photo by Lydia King

Many bands have suffered with the lack of shows and festivals since Covid-19 hit but Third Lung have decided they are going to create their own one day rock festival. Loddfest has been created in partnership with local family run business The Lodden Brewery. Loddfest will take place on Saturday the 18th of September and features nine bands on The Tapyard Stage (main) and six solo artists on The Brewhouse Stage (second). The idea for the festival happened quite organically. Over the past year the band found refuge within The Lodden Brewery as it was one of the few places they could meet up together outside. Over this time Third Lung built up a relationship with the Hearn family (business owners). They even filmed the video for 'Falling Stone' at the Brewhouse Barn. Third Lung have definitely been busy and this attitutude is set to continue with next single 'Climb' being set for release on the 24th of September and a six track EP 'Dialogues of the Fatal Few' to be put out on the 26th of November. Catch Third Lung live at any of the following events Saturday 18th September, Headliners at Loddfest Friday 1st October, Main Support to The Wendy James Band, O2 Academy, Islington Saturday 9th October, Are You Listening? Festival, Reading Town Friday 26th November, Dialogues of the Fatal Few EP Launch, The Facebar, Reading Town

Third Lung are:

Tom: Vocals Cam: Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals Rob: Bass Sam: Drums

Listen to 'What Is A Life?' HERE

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