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Myriad - 3am

Myriad's next single '3am' from their upcoming three track project sees the band in a different light as they experiment with a more ambient indie rock sound.


Myriad will be releasing their next single '3am' on the 2nd of July. This ambient, indie rock track is taken from their upcoming three track project which also includes previous release 'Cascades' and unheard 'Do You Know Where She Goes'. With this three track project Myriad are focussing on gen-z issues but these issues are also things a lot of people can relate to. The topic focuses on growing up and figuring out how to be an adult in 2021 and dealing with the emotions that go along with it. Myriad are doing something interesting creating this practically age specific story, yet still having it be lyrically accesible to everyone. The band have quite recently found success with their previous releases and they're definitely one to look out for.

"Myriad are one of the most exciting and joyous bands around at the moment..." - (Voice FM)

This new track '3am' shows a new side to the band as it very much differs from the catchy, upbeat indie rock we have heard from Myriad previously. Comparing it to last single 'Cascades' it almost feels like an entirely different band all together. This has me very excited to hear all three tracks that are coming from this project to see if they will all vary this much from one another. Having said that though the slow, ambient track does towards the end transition into an all-out indie rock anthem, which I did not see coming. This pounding bass and drums makes a catalyst for this to be their biggest live song yet and is definitely a song that is enjoyable to listen to recorded. As I said earlier '3am' focuses on the topic of transitioning into adulthood (like the whole project) and more specifically the effects of insomnia.

"these songs cover some of the most important subjects facing 16-24 year olds today; consent, insomnia, motivation and independance to name a few. '3am' takes the concept of insomnia, and it paints the picture of when we can't sleep, and we have pressing thoughts swirling around our heads. The narrative of '3am' is centered on a young person reasoning with their night-time thoughts and feelings. Processing their thoughts about life, family expectations, their own plans, dreams, and relationships. It's also about balancing the ever changing responsibilites of adulthood in 2021. The music, is for anyone going through a tough time, especially now in the pandemic. It's for gen-z and anyone else feeling like they need something to express the complex spectrum of their everyday thoughts." - (David, Lead Singer)

'3am' is definitely a stand out song from Myriads discography and one I would recommend checking out. The ambient style leading into the indie rock anthem ending is something that commands your attention and proves what Myriad are capable of. I personally am now even more excited to hear the last song from this project and to be able to listen to all three songs together.

If you want to see Myriad live their next show is on Saturday the 7th of August at The Joiners, Southampton.

You can pre save '3am' HERE

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