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Pandas - Debbie

Third single from rock band Panda's is being released on the 30th of July. The hard hitting and upbeat rock n soul track 'Debbie' is a fun one I would definitely recommend giving a listen.


This hard hitting rock n soul tune 'Debbie' is filled with aggressive tones, huge instrumentals and is packed with blissful melodies. The track that will be released on the 30th of July is the third single for band Pandas. 'Debbie' was first created by Pandas lead singer and rhythm guitarist Ellis Hurley then he presented it to the rest of the band. The song is a love story between a man and his moped. I found this song to be really fun and it didn't seem to take itself too seriously. The vocals were emotional and between the sharp guitar licks , powerful rhythm section and a deep bass line this song could've been made into something a lot more serious but honestly I'm really happy it wasn't. I think 'Debbie' is one of those songs that just nails everything and it is 100% one I would recommend you guys check out. I personally cannot wait for it's release so that I can jam to it on repeat.

Check out Pandas and pre save 'Debbie' HERE

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