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TMCF - The Space in Between Part 1

Album Name: The Space in Between Part 1

Artist: TMCF

Released: July 2021

Rating: 6.5/10



  1. The Space In Between

  2. From Green to Grey

  3. collapse

  4. Thaumaturgy

  5. The Lions Den

  6. Soon The World Goes Black

'The Space in Between Part 1' isn't your standard indie rock EP. This piece is an intriguing mix of indie rock guitar, unusual electronic sounds, calm vocals and all round is a variation of different musical adventures. TMCF will be releasing this EP on the 16th of July 2021. TMCF are an indie/ambient duo from Hertfordshire. The music having that ambient splash makes for something a bit different to listen to than your standard indie rock. The band created 'The Space in Between Part 1' in a purely self-produced fashion using Garageband IOS on an IPhone. Proving that you don't necessarily need anything fancy to create some great sounding music. This new EP does sound a bit different from their first release 'It's a Monday and the World's on Fire' which I thought had less of the cinematic almost theme tune like sound and was more on the stripped back indie rock sound. 'The Space in Between Part 1' to me is an EP that while listening I could easily picture a movie going along with it. Especially in tracks such as the intro song 'The Space in Between' and 'collapse'. Both of these songs have almost creepy elements to them and especially in 'collapse' I felt as though it was building and growing as the song went on and I could have easily pictured some dramatic scene going along beside it. My personal favourite song on this EP is 'The Lions Den'. The instrumentals in this one are upbeat compared to the other tracks on 'The Space in Between Part 1' but that doesn't mean that this song was an upbeat party song. The fun instrumental was contrasted with these low, drawn out, even emotional at times, vocals. The song contrasting itself in this way made for something really intriguing to listen to and in my opinion something really cool to enjoy. One thing that stood out for me on this EP was the closing song 'Soon the World Goes Black' as this track was more like those found on 'It's a Monday and the World's on Fire'. This end to the 'The Space in Between Part 1' feels a lot more stripped back then the other five tracks and gives a calming ending to the project. There's even a pretty little piano part in there. Overall I think that TMCF have created something interesting. Personally it's not necessarily something I would have gone out and found to listen to but having had the chance to hear this I'm pleasantly surprised with it. The main thing I will say about 'The Space in Between Part 1' is that it was very easy to listen to and I found time flew by as I was checking it out. I got fairly lost in the music but not in a way where I had to pay attention, it took next to no effort to just let the music in and hear all the elements and I thought that was really nice. Definitely the kind of EP that would be good to have on when working or studying.

Check out 'From Green to Grey' the first single from this EP HERE

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