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The Wildfires Projekt - Lost and Searching

EP Name: Lost and Searching

Artist: The Wildfires Projekt

Released: February 2022

Label: Independant

Rating: 7.5/10



  1. Paradise (ft. SayWeCanFly)

  2. Serotonin

  3. Headlights

  4. Living the Life (ft. Wade Walters)

  5. A Devil with Angel Wings

  6. In the Calm

Nu-Punk artist from California The Wildfires Projekt released their EP 'Lost and Searching' earlier this year. The six-track piece shows off their unique sound and emotional songwriting. The Wildfires Projekt are a Nu-Punk group from California who seamlessly integrate their NJ pop-punk, emo roots with a type of hip-hop styling which can only be found in California. The Wildfires Projekt have made a name for themselves after breaking industry barriers with their TV series 'Sounds of the Underground' which airs on CBS. They have also toured with pop-punk veterans The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. 'Lost and Searching' is an EP I was very excited to check out. The Wildfires Projekt's unique sound is something I could only describe as a cross between pop-punk and nu-punk with lyricism and vocal melodies that feel rooted more in emo culture. From the opening moment 'Paradise', I was instantly hooked on this EP, the vocals and melody is addictive and beautiful and then this rolling bass kicks in with the drums and the song starts to feel full. Before long the pop-punk/emo chorus comes along proving this to be a strong catchy track preparing you for the rest of the EP. Second track 'Serotonin' shows off The Wildfires Projekt verstility with it leaning more into an alt-pop type sound. I couldn't help but get a kind of modern AFI vibe with the smooth vocals that are layered with heavy guitars and ambient synths. 'Serotonin' grows before exploding with an instrumental towards the end that made the song feel like it had come together perfectly.

My personal favourite songs on 'Lost and Searching' have to be 'Headlights' and closing track 'In the Calm'. With 'Headlights' I really once again got that AFI type feel from it vocally and this is a song that when it builds into the chrous feels anthemic and meaningful. The pre-chorus/chrous pulls you in making you want to hear more and more. 'In the Calm' opens with this sweeping, surrounding sound that I was instantly taken in by, before crashing into this strong pop-punk chorus. I specifically fell in love with this song when seemingly out of nowhere it hits you with this really cool breakdown moment. Overall, 'Lost and Searching' is an EP that combines human feeling and emotion with these sick rhythms, incredible vocals and experimental sounds. I highly recommend checking this EP out, I will be listening to it a lot. The Wildifres Projekt may already be making a name for themselves but I could see them growing and growing for many releases to come.

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