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Jordan Coffey - LMTFA

Solo metal artist Jordan Coffey has released her new single 'LMTFA' on the 15th of April.


Jordan Coffey is a solo metal artist from Portland, Maine. She has been releasing music since 2017 and has accumulated a pretty good discography. This next release 'LMTFA' feels like an angry new single that has seen Jordan Coffey grow more into her sound. 'LMTFA' feels aggressive like someone finally taking control of a situation. This song wouldn't feel far out of place next to the likes of Jinjer or Spiritbox with heavy riffs that will have you headbanging but then these sweet almost swirling soft vocal melodies that contradict but fit so perfectly. Having listened to a few of Jordan Coffey's previous tracks for me this one feels the strongest and most progressed, like sound wise more grown up. 'LMTFA' has already recieved some good attention since it's release on the 15th of April and rightfully so. For any lover of modern metal this is one to check out. The contrast of angelic soft vocals and fierce screams is something I personally really enjoy and think makes for a really cool song. Jordan Coffey may have been around for a few years but with this single it feels like something new. Whether you've heard of her before or not I would recommend going and giving 'LMTFA' a listen.

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