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Ali Slater - LUS!D

EP Name: LUS!D

Artist: Ali Slater

Released: April 2022

Label: Independant

Rating: 8/10



  1. Without You

  2. Over It (ft Jacky Vincent)

  3. Ring Shopping

  4. Kiss In The Rain

  5. LUS!D

Emerging alternative artist Ali Slater touches on her dating experiences and not settling for less than what you are worth with debut EP 'LUS!D'. Ali Slater may have been playing piano, singing and songwriting since the age of four but she didn't decide to pursue music until more recently during isolation in the pandemic. Her pop-rock sound transcends across multiple genres and never fails to deliver a dramatic ending. Slater reached out to the legendary Matt Squire and after hearing her work he was "stoked" to produce for her. Slater's first three music/lyric videos have gained a total of 71k+ views and continues to keep climbing. Ali Slater aims to be a strong female voice in an industry that doesn't always listen and this is shown within 'LUS!D'. You can tell that she isn't afraid to speak her mind. Songs such as 'Over It' (which features ex Falling In Reverse guitarist Jacky Vincent) and title track 'LUS!D, have an energy (and to be fair the whole EP) that is like this badass powerful punch in the face. 'Over It' was the first song I heard from Ali Slater and instantly I new I was gonna be hooked. From the lyrics to the sick guitar everything about it just creates this FU type anthem. 'LUS!D' talks on Slater's dating experiences and how many guy's struggle to meet the bare minimum...

"I really don't ask for much. The bar is on the floor and it sucks that almost every guy I've come across can't meet the bare minimum of standards (ex: be nice to me, don't lie or try to manipulate me, etc.)" - (Ali Slater)

Ali Slater is in my opinion an artist that stands for what she believes in and wants fans to never settle for anything less than what they are worth and to keep pushing to become a better version of themselves.

"You have to be able to take full responsibility when you are in the wrong, but you also have to know your worth and not tolerate unacceptable behaviour from others." - (Ali Slater)

This whole EP is one that I love and was very excited to find out about. Every song on 'LUS!D' is great but my personal favourite has to be 'Ring Shopping', this song literally gave me goosebumps when listening. There is something emotional about the track and I think that comes across clearly within the vocals but then that is paired with this beautiful melody that when it really kicks in will have you wanting to jump around to the drums and the heavy rock guitars. If you are a fan of artists such as Avril Lavigne, Paramore, Against The Current or Charlotte Sands don't sleep on Ali Slater, her smart lyricism and catchy rhythm's make her an artist I think we will see become very popular. The pop melodies and rock aspects make her someone that is very interesting and very current. So go check out 'LUS!D' at full volume!

Listen to 'LUS!D' HERE

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