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The Tolks - Beside the Deathbed

The Tolks release new melancholic single 'Beside the Deathbed'


Finnish rock band The Tolks have released their most recent single 'Beside the Deathbed' which is a sombre tale about the limitations of life. 'Beside the Deathbed' includes an interesting array of instruments from cello and violin to woodwind family instruments, cor anglaise and oboe. The story of this song is something we will all experience one day and as much as it's a dark topic it is also something we all have to come to terms with... The pain and agony radiates the curtains of light when a person realizes the limitations of life: one does not have to give up everything, only the loved ones. However this wistful song diverges from the usual gloominess, for the sorrow here is clad in noble robes. The Tolks state that 'Beside the Deathbed' is "the next classic of rock music" which I feel is very bold claim but the formula is there, the chorus is specifically enjoyable even though it does feel like I've heard it somewhere before. The use of various instruments throughout makes the track stand out against a lot of other songs, but do I agree with The Tolks statement? Honestly I don't know. Give 'Beside the Deathbed' a listen and decide for yourself.

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