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The Sweetchunks Band - Glittunderbuss

Album Name: Glittunderbuss

Artist: The Sweetchunks Band

Released: September 2023

Rating: 7/10



  1. Glittunderbuss

  2. Sex Lightning

  3. Everything Is Fine

  4. Diego

  5. Is This The One?

  6. Fuck This!

  7. Independent Nuclear Deterrent

  8. Drinking On A Weekday

  9. Come Back

  10. National Anthem of Hampshire

  11. The Wobbly

  12. Cat On Your Face

  13. Bonus Track

Comedy Folk trio The Sweetchunks Band have recently released their highly anticipated sixth album, 'Glittunderbuss' in celebration of a decade of musical mayhem.

"it's like the Venga Bus... but drunk and with banjos."

The Sweetchunks Band are hilarious and energetic, their music is the life of the party and this has led to them gaining a pretty dedicated following. The Hampshire trio are known for bringing the fun to festivals and have played at the likes of Isle of Wight, Victorious Festival, Boomtown and more. Opening new album 'Glittunderbuss' is the title track. This track throws you into the fantastical world of nowadays matters but told with folklore like storytelling and a strong element of comedy. Following on is the toe-tapping hilarious 'Sex Lightning'. I can't lie this one along with many others on 'Glittunderbuss' had me audibly laughing. With lines like "charging your phone with the power of bone" leading the chorus, you can guess what the theme of this track might be. From this first full track I could hear the Tenacious D influence but if Tenacious D made folk music. My personal favourite track on 'Glittunderbuss' is third one 'Everything Is Fine'. This one is very upbeat and is one you could easily dance along with. It's sort of "normal" country/folk sounding and could pass for a serious song till you hear the lyrics which again are hilarious. I really like how catchy this one is, and I will be listening to this track whenever I need a little pick me up. The Sweetchunks Band also have some very relatable tracks such as 'Fuck This!'. Giving the listener fun country folk guitars and cool sounding overlapping vocals it tells the all-too-common story of when things are going wrong and you just have to say, "fuck this I'm going to the pub". The next track is 'Independent Nuclear Deterrent' which feels more like a stereotypical comedy alt rock song. It's a really nice song instrumentally with a very catchy way of saying 'Independent Nuclear Deterrent' that will most likely get stuck in your head. The longest track on the album is the almost six-minute-long tribute to Motorhead's Lemmy, 'Come Back'. This one is a bit more ballady and comes across a bit like a lost love song but is made to be really funny. 'Come Back' tells a story of missing Lemmy to the point the characters find a way to bring him back to life, but it maybe doesn't go one hundred percent according to plan. The last song I really want to mention from this 13-track adventure is 'National Anthem of Hampshire'. This one with fast racing instrumentals setting the tone tells stories from Hampshire's history. This is one that was really fun, and everyone should use this track to learn the history of Hampshire. If you're a fan of comedy rock/folk then 'Glittunderbuss' is definitely for you. I really liked it and I think I found myself totally sucked in and laughing along with the hilarity of the thirteen tracks. I found myself enjoying every silly story that The Sweetchunks Band told, and the musical talent wasn't lacking either. These guys displayed groovy and at points bluesy bass, with intricate guitars and vocals that demand your attention. I don't know what I expected when I listened to 'Glittunderbuss', but I honestly didn't expect it to be this good. I will be returning to listen to these songs again and again.

Listen to 'Glittunderbuss' HERE

Catch The Sweetchunks Band on tour

4th October - The New Adelphi Club - Hull 27th October - The Winchester Gate - Salisbury 4th November - Wroot Rocks - Doncaster 17th November - The Belvedere - Weymouth 25th November - The Blue Moon - Cambridge 2nd December - The Ropemakers - Bridport 8th December - The Shooting Star - Southampton 9th December - The Phoenix - Exeter

The Sweetchunks Band are

Stuart Blakeledge: Vocals Mike Wiles: Guitars Ash Hibbs: Bass

The Sweetchunks Band online

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