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Dragonheart - The Devil Is By My Side

Dragonheart have released a music video for 'The Devil Is By My Side' ahead of their album release next month.


Brazilian fantasy power metal band Dragonheart have released their newest music video for 'The Devil Is By My Side'. This comes ahead of their fifth studio album release, 'The Dragonhearts Tale' which is coming next month (August 2023) via Rockshot Records. Dragonheart are a group of long-time friends and are fans of RPG's. movies. video games as well as medieval music, sailor songs, Celtic songs, 80's heavy metal and German power metal. With their combined likes and hobbies as influences it's no surprise that these guys would choose to play songs that transport the listener into medieval and fantasy atmospheres. Most recent single 'The Devil Is By My Side' talks about a character 'The Blacksmith' that fans of Dragonheart already know and have grown to love.

"This track tells how Blacksmith sought a weapons master in a guild but used forbidden magic to make them. He is banished from the guild and sent into exile. He swears they will one day need him when dark times come. (Blacksmith Music Anvil was used and the solo part now as Riff connecting the two songs and Thiago does a take on the plate as if he was forging a sword). With an 80's feel and influence from Accept this song is perfect to play live. With many quotes from the first song released in 2002 on the second album, 'The Devil Is By My Side' has the potential to be a power/true metal hit." - (Eduardo Marques, Vocalist)

Upcoming album 'The Dragonhearts Tale' covers many styles of power metal over the ten tracks. Dragonheart have managed to create their fantasty world using acoustic tavern music, an orchestrated track, voiceovers and sound effects. This album also sees the return of original vocalist Eduardo Marques.

"On our last album (Battle Sanctuary) we went towards a darker path, and now with 'The Dragonhearts Tale' we wanted to return to our original roots. This is an epic power metal record with medieval influences capable to put our fans to enjoy the fantasty stories. They are songs that old bards used to play telling legends in taverns of the olden days." - (Dragonheart)

'The Devil Is By My Side' (Official Music Video)

Pre order 'The Dragonhearts Tale' HERE

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