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The Sun Day - Don't Bring It Down

Indie rock band The Sun Day's recent single 'Don't Bring It Down' delivers a nostalgic sound that'll make you want to listen again and again.


This new track from The Sun Day will leave you begging for more and they have managed to capture this nostalgic sound while making it modern and their own. The Sun Day are an indie rock group from Aberdeen who were "born out of the desire to do something more,". 'Don't Bring It Down' is the first single the band have released after recently signing with Fat Hippy Records and their fifth single in total. 'Don't Bring It Down' has this grunge like indie rock sound that instantly drew me in. From the first few notes I knew this was one that deserved to be played loud. It's instantly catchy as the drums crash in and the vocals that follow are unique and add an even more interesting level to this track. 'Don't Bring It Down' is upbeat and easily one you could imagine boogieing along to. This is probably the cheeriest feeling of The Sun Days releases and is easily a favourite of mine. If you haven't checked this one out yet I would recommend it. The track came out on the 24th of November and with its 90's grunge feel mixed with modern indie rock it's definitely worth a listen.

'In My Dreams' Official Music Video

Listen to 'Don't Bring It Down' HERE

The Sun Day are

Connor Ritchie: Vocals & Rhythm Guitar Luke Doyle: Lead Guitar Aidan Forret: Bass Craig Spink: Drums

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