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Nil By Habit - John Cusack

Brighton based Nil By Habit are releasing their next single 'John Cusack' on the 14th of October.


Brighton based alt-rock/post-punk group Nil By Habit are releasing their next single 'John Cusack' on the 14th of October. Made up of members from Leeds, Scotland and the South East, Nil By Habit formed back in 2014 and are now based in Brighton. The group have been described by BBC Introducing as "bone rattling post punk" and their mix of post-punk, alt-rock, post-hardcore and folk rock makes them a unique band to listen to. New single 'John Cusack' follows on from their previous 2022 releases 'Spiegel Tent' and 'Flowers'. 'Spiegel Tent' in particular is one I really enjoyed from Nil By Habit and I feel like it leans more into the punk sound much like this new track. 'John Cusack' has a hefty dose of sardonic wit much like any other release from these guys and it cleverly mixes punk like vocals with a punchy bassline and fun riff. This song may appear pretty chilled out for the most part, but it doesn't skip on the aggressive break that comes near the end as the song totally let's go, this part will easily have you headbanging along. Nil By Habit are definitely unique in what they do, and this has made them a really interesting group to follow. For fans of Squid, Shame, BCNR, Talking Heads or Yard Act these guys are worth checking out. If you're looking for something a little bit different to add to your playlists, then give Nil By Habit a listen and check out 'John Cusack' when it releases on the 14th.

Pre save 'John Cusack' HERE

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