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The Blams - Blame Game

After their sold out headlining show in London The Blams are ready to take the next step with brand new single 'Blame Game'.


The Blams have released a handful of really great songs since their formation and each one sees them explore their sound more and more, 'Blame Game' is no different. The slower grungy alt rock track will be released on the 5th of August.

The London based group who formed last year have been growing and growing since they came together. With each release not only do The Blams display more versatility but each song tells a story that anyone can relate to. Tales of things that aren't right within our world and complaints that any person listening to the songs can agree with. Since their first release 'Never Knew' last year The Blams have also gained a healthy following and this is proved by the fact they just played their sold out headline show in London. 'Blame Game' feels more slow and raw than other tracks I have heard from The Blams previously. This one saw the drums and vocals recorded professionally through The Beatles reverb plate in a studio but sticking true to the independant bands roots the guitars for 'Blame Game' were recorded at vocalist/guitarist Sonny's house while "drinking tinnies in their boxers". This new song tells of the frustrations experienced when dealing with a person that would rather blame anyone else than take the blame themselves.

"You know that self-destructive person who blames everyone & everything around them - but themselves? This song's about them."

I think 'Blame Game' leans more into The Blams alt-rock sound. It's one of those songs that from the very beginning you can feel the raw emotion, whether this be in what I would call a more emo feeling intro or the harsh vocals in the chorus as Sonny calls out the character in the story. For me 'Blame Game' is definitely one of those songs that grows on you. On first listen I wasn't actually sure whether I even liked it, but after listening to it a couple of times I really began to appreciate the emotion and arrangement that was happening. I'm probably still more of a fan of heavier tracks such as 'Therefore I Am' but it's also cool to see a bit more of a vulnerable feeling side to The Blams. So having said that I would recommend checking out 'Blame Game' when it is released on the 5th of August as it adds a new depth to the groups sound.

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