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The Optimist In Me - Window In The Sky

The Optimist In Me recently released their powerful new single 'Window In The Sky'.


Dutch alt rock band The Optimist In Me have released their powerful single 'Window In The Sky' which is the second single to come from their upcoming EP. 'Window In The Sky' is a big song with a powerful message. The track encourages people not to give up and to seek help if you are struggling. There's a very obvious uplifting tone to this track and the death metal leaning arena rock piece fully grabbed my attention. I was particularly captured by the enchanting yet kind of haunting vocals which to me were very reminiscent of Ghost frontman Tobias Forge. 'Window In The Sky' is melodic and guitar heavy making it feel a bit like a death metal track, but the lighter moments pull it more into the arena rock genre. It's a song that I liked, and I think a lot of classic rock and metal fans will love.

"Today, we are proud to share our second single 'Window In The Sky'. We hope that many of you enjoy it and support our cause. The new single addresses the challenges young adults face with mental health issues." - (The Optimist In Me)

The band's upcoming EP 'You Should Smile More Often' is scheduled for release on November the seventeenth and was produced by Caleb Bingham (ex- Five Finger Death Punch) and Chris Clancy (Kataklysm, Evile & Machine Head).

'Window In The Sky' (Official Video)

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