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Edge of Paradise - Hologram

Edge of Paradise have released a video for 'Hologram' along with announcing a tour with Dragonforce.


Just off the back of a tour with Lacuna Coil, Edge of Paradise released their newest album 'Hologram'. Now the title track has its very own video. Edge of Paradise's album 'Hologram' delves into the bands heavier sound (which I personally am a big fan of) while telling a story of sacrifice and perseverance against all cosmic odds.

"We started the album with the music video for the first single, 'Hologram', set on the mortal planet HD 189733b, which endures the reign of terror and the struggle to survive." - (Edge of Paradise)

'Hologram' (Official Music Video)

Edge of Paradise have also announced that they are going on tour as support for Dragonforce alongside Amaranthe and Nanowar of Steel.

Tour Dates

20th October - Mesa, AZ

21st October - Albuquerque, NM

23rd October - Austin, TX

24th October - Dallas, TX

25th October - Houston, TX

27th October - Orlando, FL

28th October - Ft Lauderdale, FL

30th October - Atlanta, GA

31st October - Charlotte, NC

1st November - Baltimore, MD

3rd November - New York, NY

4th November - Worcester, MA

5th November - Montreal, QC

6th November - Toronto, ON 8th November - Cleveland, OH 9th November - Detroit, MI 10th November - Chicago, IL 11th November - Minneapolis, MN 12th November - Lawrence, KS 14th November - Denver, CO 15th November - Salt Lake City, UT 16th November - Boise, ID 18th November - Berkely, CA 19th November - Los Angeles, CA

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