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The Effigy - Deliver Me

The Effigy have unveiled the haunting and cinematic 'Deliver Me'.


The Effigy have unveiled a video for newest single 'Deliver Me'. Originally from the UK but now based in Perth, Australia The Effigy draw inspiration from gothic and folk imagery along with mythology. While musically they find inspiration in artists like Garbage, Joy Division, Evanescence and Keane. 'Deliver Me' makes a magnificent addition to The Effigy's already strong discography. The track comes complete with enchanting vocals, distorted guitars and cinematic layers. 'Deliver Me' focusses on the topic of depression and the hold it can have on a person can feel otherworldly at times.

"Depression sometimes felt like otherworldly possession as if something else was piloting me. I said and did things that I never thought I would say or do. At times, I didn't recognize myself. I was withdrawn and bitter and frightened. I felt like I was constantly battling a demon that was hollowing me out and I just wanted it to end. I wanted to be free." - (The Effigy)

The new video combined with the single create this ethereal grunge rock feel that would easily fit in with the likes of Evanescence in the early 2000's.

"I wanted to video to feel claustrophobic and chaotic, a constant onslaught of aggressive motion. That's the feeling behind the writing of this song and so that's what the video needed to portray. I drew inspiration from alternative rock videos from the late 1990's and early 2000's. I've always loved the excessive use of textures and grit they employed to elicit that grungy feel." - (The Effigy)

'Deliver Me' (Video)

Track Credits

Effy Gold: Lyrics, Composition, Vocals, Production Cody Johnstone: Guitar, Production, Mixing Siegfried Meier: Mastering

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