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SuckerTrap - Centre of the Universe

BC hard rockers SuckerTrap transcend conventional meaning with their new 80's hard rock inspired track 'Centre of the Universe'.


New track 'Centre of the Universe' from SuckerTrap is thought provoking while also being groovy and a track that will make you want to get up off your chair. "A dark celebration of heavy rock and roll music". Initially meant to be just for the studio, SuckerTrap the latest project by Pinto Stiletto (formerly, Crystal Pistol, Bonitos, Wett Stilettos and Randy Rampage) which also features Mr. Smyth on vocals began gaining attention from record labels in Canada and the US. Due to this they put a whole live band together and before they had even finished rehearsals for the first show, they signed with SODEH Records.

"'Centre of the Universe' captures the awe - inspiring, breathtaking and even unsettling aspects of existence. It boldly challenges religious and philosophical doctrines that construct narratives and fictions in a futile endeavor to impose meaning upon a world devoid of it. This song not only provokes thought but also gets you moving with its captivating rhythm and rock vibes. Drawing inspiration from the darker sound of 80s hard rock, it offers a contemporary interpretation of our artistic vision. While our eclectic collection of beloved weirdos, artists, and music contributes to the songs diverse sound, it's always a delightful post-creation activity to reflect on and appreciate those influences." - (Pinto Stiletto, Guitar)

'Centre of the Universe' definitely has this upbeat punky sort of feel that's seamlessly paired with a rock n roll groove. The track has this badass energy that would not feel out of place in the 80's hard rock scene. The catchy rhythm allows for the lyrics to slowly make their way into your brain, getting stuck and letting you really think about the deeper message 'Centre of the Universe' conveys. I personally really like the way this song is put together and it's all round a really enjoyable one to listen to.

'Centre of the Universe' (Official Video)

Listen to 'Centre of the Universe' HERE

SuckerTrap are

Mr. Smyth (Betty): Vocals Pinto Stiletto: Guitar Jayme Black: Bass Melissa Lee: Keytar Dave Troutman: Drums

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