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Rogue Awakening - Feed Me Fire

EP Name: Feed Me Fire

Artist: Rogue Awakening

Released: July 2023

Rating: 7/10



  1. Feed Me Fire

  2. Dark Thoughts

  3. Overshadowed

  4. Bored

Hard rock band Rogue Awakening have recently released their hot debut EP 'Feed Me Fire'. Uniting various musical backgrounds the hard/alt rock group from Horsham combine anything from indie to death metal to create their own unique hard rock sound. I would best describe Rogue Awakening as a hard rock band that leans into metal with a symphonic edge. People have begun taking an interest in what Rogue Awakening are doing, their previous single 'Overshadowed' has been played on over sixty radio stations and the song has amassed over 5000 streams across multiple platforms. I had the opportunity to review 'Overshadowed' for its release and after hearing it I'm not surprised that these guys are getting attention. As for their debut EP 'Feed Me Fire', this one shows off the band's different influences and no two songs are the same. Opener 'Feed Me Fire' comes in with this hard rock, almost heavy metal influenced riff before the other instruments join begging you to listen. This song has power like a lioness and the fierce track is very enjoyable. There are moments where I expected it to dive more into that heavy metal sound, but it doesn't. 'Feed Me Fire' sticks as being a good, melodic hard rock song. Next up on the EP is 'Dark Thoughts' which shows off a softer side to Rogue Awakening. This one is a powerful and emotive duet, displaying double the vocal talent from the band. I really enjoy the chorus in this one but for me it's not quite as good as other tracks that are on this EP. 'Overshadowed' comes next and this one is easily my favourite on 'Feed Me Fire'. I first heard this track when it was released last year, and I haven't gotten bored of it yet. The chorus is so strong, and I mentioned this in my previous review of this track but the vocals in this one are amazing. This is easily the song that made me a fan of Rogue Awakening. Last on 'Feed Me Fire' is another previously heard song 'Bored', this one much like 'Overshadowed' also seems to be a bit heavier than the first two songs on the EP. 'Bored' has this pop metal sort of sound to it especially within the vocal melody. Listening to this one I couldn't help but imagine it on a Bratz soundtrack and it's another really strong song, especially as this was the band's first single.

Rogue Awakening have delivered an EP that is both heavy and melodic. The four-track that was released back on the 14th of July effortlessly flows from alt rock to almost heavy metal. You can tell that these guys are mixing different genres to create something that is entirely their own. There's clear growth in their sound since their release last year and even though the older two singles may be more to my taste there's nothing bad on this EP, I do like it all. If you are looking for a new hard rock act to check out, Rogue Awakening could be for you.

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