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The Blams - Throwing Rocks

The Blams have released their second single 'Throwing Rocks'. After the success of their debut 'Never Knew' it's no surprise that this one is another gritty bop!


New single from The Blams may be more light and upbeat than previous single 'Never Knew' but it still has that gritty Blams style. The first single gained the band success with being played in over 45 countries and recieving over 2.5k streams. The three piece from East London are keen to do even better with this new summery song. 'Throwing Rocks' is very appropriately described as a grunge song on happy pills. The contrast between grit and light riffs drew me in. 'Throwing Rocks' was written by singer and guitarist Sonny after a Smashing Pumpkins binge who's influences are apparent within the track.

"The song is ultimately about seeing the best in people, and being so infatuated by someone that you believe they can do anything, to the point of self-confessed naivity. A lot of people will correctly see the romantic side of this but that wasn't exclusively what it was written about. Obviously there's an element of love attached, but sometimes you even just make a new pal and think 'wow, this mfer can do anything'. Truly believing in people can be such a raw experience, romantically or otherwise." - (Sonny, Vocals & Guitar)

Check out a clip of 'Throwing Rocks' here

This new track was recorded with former drummer Connor who the band are sorry to see go but they have now got a new drummer Matt and they are excited to see what he can bring to The Blams. This summer feeling, light yet gritty rock track from The Blams is another great one. I was intrigued to see how they would follow up after the banger that was 'Never Knew' and I'm impressed. They have shown a bit of a brighter side to them while still managing to solidify their grit, grunge sound. I really liked the storytelling within 'Throwing Rocks' and I found you could picture the "movie" in your head as the song played which is a really nice quality to have. Check this one out and also if you haven't yet give 'Never Knew' a listen to.

Listen to 'Throwing Rocks ' HERE

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