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The Blams - Never Knew

Debut single 'Never Knew' from The Blams is one I am very excited to share with you all. This song is catchy, high energy, fun indie rock!


The Blams are a new indie rock/post punk band from East London. With their debut single 'Never Knew' the three piece tell a story of wanting a relationship to work out but the other person isn't necessarily good for you. 'Never Knew' was written by singer/guitarist Sonny. The band state that they write music for people to sing along to when drunk and this one could definitely be that. 'Never Knew' is a great debut song and has got me really excited for this band and I hope it does the same for some of you. From the second the crunchy, dirty guitar riff began I was fully invested in what The Blams had to offer. The lyrics are super catchy and the chorus is one I will be singing along with especially as it kicks in screaming the lyrics "emotional manslaughter". 'Never Knew' is so relatable and I think most people have had those relationships where you know that it just isn't going to work but you can't help but stay, putting that story in a really fun, upbeat, catchy song is definitely what has me hooked.

The Blams are:

Sonny: Vocals & Guitar

Kerridge: Bass

Connor: Drums

You can listen to 'Never Knew' HERE

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