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Polymorth - Wish

Solo artist Polymorth is releasing his guitar heavy sixth single 'Wish' on the 16th of June 2021.


The solo artist Polymorth from Norfolk, UK is releasing what may be in my opinion his heaviest song yet. 'Wish' is a progressive metal/math rock track that is full of at times chaotic rhythms that gives you so much to listen to within one song. The big guitar and bass riffs almost feel like they are battling each other for your attention and I would have to listen to this song a few times to really enjoy each one seperately. The dueling rhythm also seems to contrast the dark vocals that are featured on 'Wish', which takes the track from what could of been an upbeat fun song into something entirely different. Compared to other singles I have listened to from Polymorth this one to me feels the heaviest and maybe the most experimental. I actually enjoyed this one more than others and really liked the fact that you can, while listening to it tune in on one specific instrument or just enjoy the beautiful chaos it creates together. I think this song is interesting because it feels as though each element was taken from something completely different but then they fit together at the same time, like finding the wrong puzzle piece but somehow it still works.

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