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The Blams - Don't Miss Twice

East London 3 piece The Blams have released their third single 'Don't Miss Twice'. This new track brings back the moodiness of 'Never Knew' and is full of grunge.


'Don't Miss Twice' brings more grit and moodiness to The Blams discography. The third single sounds like it could be straight out of the 90's with a Seattle sound that's full of grunge. After the bands last release 'Throwing Rocks' many fans wanted to see the return of the moody sound that was in debut single 'Never Knew'. So with that in mind Sonny wrote this riffier track and it definitely shows off their gritter sound. The band may make releases in the future that are more happy or slow or even punk but for now 'Don't Miss Twice' cements who The Blams are at their roots. 'Don't Miss Twice' is about self confidence and being self assured that you can learn from your mistakes. The Blams refuse to fall for anyone's lies or tricks and have grown enough to see their value. "It's out with the old vulnerable blams." I can't say enough how much I love everything this band put out and with every release they seem to be getting stronger. 'Don't Miss Twice' opens with something that could easily be mistaken for a Nirvana song but very quickly you are thrown into The Blams exclusive sound. This track feels like it sweeps around you and is definitely far more temperamental than either previous tracks in my opinion. As I have probably said before this band gets me super excited and with every release I just want to sit and jam to it as I wait for the next one.

Listen to 'Don't Miss Twice' HERE

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