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Kyoto Kyoto - Dart Oporto 56

'Dart Oporto 56' is the new magically chaotic track from London based trio Kyoto Kyoto. The song will be released on the 10th of September.


Album art by Gosia Socha

New track 'Dark Oporto 56' from Kyoto Kyoto much like their previous release 'Gaacher Blitz' rises and falls throughout giving this mix of chilled out experimental music and then into more math rock type sounds. However this new one definitely sees more of the high energy math rock moments and this is apparent from the second the song begins; hitting you with a bang. Kyoto Kyoto were formed in autumn of 2019 and since then have earned a reputation for their spellbinding show of ambient and experimental guitar music across London's underground venues. Kyoto Kyoto are a very interesting band to me and experimental is definitely the best word to describe them. They're music is a little bit out there and doesn't fit normal musical constructs. This new song 'Dart Oporto 56' as I mentioned earlier feels more high energy than their first single and to me was chaotically angry. Lyrically I couldn't quite make out the message the song is telling but it felt kind of sad, with the German words saying things such as: Ich habe sehnsucht nach sehnsucht und die vergangenheit wird aufsteigend gefiltert / Das zeitfenster ist auf Ritalin und ich spiele. (I long for longing and the past is filtered in ascending order / The time slot is on Ritalin and I'm playing.) If experimental or math rock is your thing check these guys out and listen to the new track 'Dart Oporto 56' when it drops on September 10th.

Band Line Up

Levent Ceylan (Butch Kassidy) Scott MacDonald (Rosie Alena & IMOGEN) Joel Marten

Check out debut single 'Gaacher Blitz' HERE

Pre Save 'Dart Oporto 56' HERE

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