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Polymorth - Sollipsis

Polymorth's new alt rock track 'Sollipsis' is a little more melancholic than previous work and is a great song. Check it out when it is released on the 1st of September.


New song 'Sollipsis' feels quite different to previous work I have heard from Polymorth. The solo artist from Norfolk, UK may in my opinion be putting out his best song yet. 'Sollipsis' begins soft and chilled out, the gentle guitar paired with melancholy vocals is a really nice way to bring you into the song. This is all before the large alt-rock conclusion. 'Sollipsis' in my opinion has similarities to bands like Foo Fighters and I could definitely imagine it being something that they would write. I think that Polymorth isn't necessarily stuck in a box with music and it's nice to see the different styles that he can produce. The track will be out on the 1st of September and I highly recommend you guys check this one out. The way it slowly builds up to a really powerful ending is really cool and overall it's just a good song. I will definitely be listening to this one once it is out and as I said earlier I do believe that this could be Polymorth's best song yet, or at least it's my favourite.

Check out Polymorth's previous work and follow him on socal media HERE

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