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Deadfire - Live Or Die

Scottish rockers Deadfire are bringing a pure rock n roll anthem with new single 'Live Or Die' which will be released on the 13th of May.


Deadfire are tapping into their Motorhead and Guns N Roses influences with their new single 'Live Or Die'. Deadfire were originally formed in 2012 but have seen a revolving door of bassists and guitarists before finding their permanent line-up in 2021. The now sturdy unit play together, tour together, drink together and their onstage chemistry is obvious. The Scottish rockers have two European tours already under their belts and have played just about every town and city in Germany, Polland, Holland and Czech Republic. Deadfire have also played support for artists such as Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, Hawkwind, Sham 69 and Sister Sin. 2022 promises to be another good year for the group with UK & European tours on the horizon. New track 'Live Or Die' is high energy, fast paced, headbanging rock n roll. The intro guitar is classic Deadfire but also has this Guns N Roses influenced element which makes the track feel bright. I would say this one feels a bit different to last release 'Anxiety Society' showing that the band aren't afraid to dip into their multiple influences. Having seen Deadfire live a couple times before I can imagine this track paired with their high intensity performance will be something incredible. I feel like manic would be the best word to describe 'Live Or Die', everything about it has this crazy, wild untameable energy and I am certain that riff will be stuck in your head for days.

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Band Line Up

Charlie: Vocals Rich: Guitar Boothy: Bass Tunk: Drums

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Photo by Andy West

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