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Still Captive - Beat Up and Bleeding

EP Name: Beat Up and Bleeding

Artist: Still Captive

Steven Spence - Vocals David MacPherson- Guitar Stuart MacPherson - Bass Rory Morrison - Drums Paddy Morrison - Guitar

Released: August 2022

Label: Independant

Rating: 7/10



  1. Breathing

  2. Scenario

  3. We Are the Virus

Glasgow based hard rock band Still Captive have just released their EP 'Beat Up and Bleeding' on the 5th of August and this EP was made to be played loud! The five-piece hard rock group known as Still Captive have already gained a stong reputation for their intense and immersive live shows. Delivering high energy live shows and recorded tracks that match Still Captive are a band that will catch your attention and keep you around to see more. The group released their debut self-titled EP back in May of 2020 and this year put out the single for 'We Are the Virus' and 'Still Captive Live @ VOTN Studio'. The hard rockers also played support for Dead Poets Society in June. Before listening to Still Captive and having just seen pictures of them I really thought I was away to be listening to just another punk band but I was pleasantly surprised that was not the case. These five guys deliver a sound that in some ways sits more on the alt rock side but then there are moments that definitely fit into the hard rock category. This was one of those "don't judge a book by it's cover" moments. The first song on this three-track EP is 'Breathing', this one opens up 'Beat Up and Bleeding' with a light almost hopeful type tone. As a first listen to Still Captive I personally actually really enjoyed how kind of rough around the edges these guys sound. 'Breathing' could quite easily have been some clean cut alt rock song but instead it feels raw and like you are recieving real emotion. I was completely drawn in by the time the first chorus came in and was excited to see what else Still Captive had to offer with this EP. Next up on 'Beat Up and Bleeding' is 'Scenario', this one starts out feeling quite emotional with softer feeling vocals backed up by this stunning guitar line and chill beat. One thing I really liked about this song is that it also shows a heavier side to the Glasgow band as the song builds and breaks into this very much emotion filled hard rock piece. If I was to pick a favourite moment from this EP it would 100% be the way this song changed direction but does so, so effortlessly. My overall favourite song within 'Beat Up and Bleeding' has to be 'We Are the Virus'. The song was originally released as a single back on New Years Day of this year and feels very different to the other two on this EP. In my opinion this style suits the band more. It's got more edge to it, like I had originally expected from this band and the sleazy feeling hard rock riff paired with drums that grow faster and gritty vocals I have to say this song is one that is right up my street.

'Beat Up and Bleeding' in my opinion is a really strong EP to come from Still Captive. I think the songs within capture the energy that this band have and I could almost imagine how intense their live shows could be. This is one to check out as these guys are showing off so many different sides to their sound over just three tracks and they do it so smoothly that the songs all feel like they belong together. So check it out!

Listen to 'Beat Up and Bleeding' HERE

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