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Dead Sapien - Good Morning Melancholy

Dead Sapien are releasing their fourth single 'Good Morning Melancholy' on May 13th.


New track 'Good Morning Melancholy' from Dead Sapien much like the rest of Dead Sapien's discography seems to focus on mental health and this one pairs the serious issue with an upbeat, catchy vocal melody and heavy, filthy guitars. Dead Sapien isn't an artist that I know a lot about too be honest. From what I have seen of them though is they seem to have this really cool imagery that supports their music and the music itself is something I enjoyed from the minute I checked out previous single 'WW3'. Dead Sapien is a music project that according to their bio "aims to make a positive impact on mental health awareness, one song at a time". At first I wasn't sure about new song 'Good Morning Melancholy' as I thought it felt a little disjointed but as the song went on I quickly found myself beginning to really enjoy it. The chorus is super catchy and I really loved the vocal melody within the chorus which feels upbeat and uplifiting, a perfect contrast to the dark guitars that play throughout the song. By the end of 'Good Morning Melancholy' I found myself singing along "everybody's so far away, and I'm hating every second of it." I would recommend checking this track out when it drops and also checking out Dead Sapien's other stuff. This is an artist that I have found quite interesting and I will be following them to see what they are doing in the future.

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