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Starset featuring Breaking Benjamin - Waiting On The Sky To Change

Starset and Breaking Benjamin join forces with their anthem 'Waiting On The Sky To Change'.


'Waiting On The Sky To Change' sees two great bands come together to release this epic, anthemic track. It's a collab that just makes sense. Starset who orginally formed in 2013 by frontman Dustin Bates have gained a lot of success over the years such as their most comercially successful song 'Monster' which peaked at number two on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts in May of 2017. Starset are an interesting project appearing publicly inside their fictional backstory that was created by frontman Bates, it states that they are part of a public outreach initiative by The Starset Society. The aims of the society are to alert the public about the contents of "The Message" which was obtained from a signal from space. This single sees Starset team up with hard rockers Breaking Benjamin. Originally formed in 1999 by lead singer and guitarist Benjamin Burnley and drummer Jeremy Hummel. The original lineup released two albums before a hiatus in 2010. Then in 2014 the band returned with with a new lineup and released albums 'Dark Before Dawn' (2015) and 'Ember' (2018). This group are known for their hooky jams and are noted for their consistency. 'Waiting On The Sky To Change' is rightfully a single that got a lot of people excited, including me and it did not disappoint. It's like these bands were meant to have a song together. From Starset gently welcoming us into the track with soft vocals before it grows into this large anthemic chorus. As if that wasn't enough soon we see the two bands almost jumping back and forth really treating the listener. The combination of hard low vocals and soft cleans mixed with the out of world style that Starset always seem to deliver there is nothing not to love here. As a fan of both bands I may be biased but this to me is an incredible song that comes filled with hope.

"There is power in persistence, and this is our anthem to let everyone know they are strong enough to keep going because eventually, the skies will clear."

Released last week 'Waiting On The Sky To Change' already recieved one million streams on Spotify in four days and I can totally understand why. If you're a fan of anthemic hard rock do yourself a favour and check this one out, stream it on repeat I know I will be.

Starset are

Dustin Bates: Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Soundboard, Guitars, Production Ron DeChant: Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals Brock Richards: Guitars, Backing Vocals Adam Gilbert: Drums, Percussion

Breaking Benjamin are

Benjamin Burnley: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Jasen Rauch: Lead Guitar, Programming Keith Wallen: Rhythm Guitar, Backing Voclas Aaron Bruch: Bass, Backing Vocals Shaun Foist: Drums, Percussion, Programming

Listen to 'Waiting On The Sky To Change' HERE

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