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Stank Finger - Three Finger Discount

Album Name: Three Finger Discount

Artist: Stank Finger

Released: January 2024

Rating: 7/10



  1. Intro

  2. Sweet Nothing

  3. Jolly Rancher (album version)

  4. DMTNT

  5. Radio

  6. Rage

  7. GY Sky Rats

  8. Dib Dab

  9. Help Yourself

  10. Scummy Holidaze

  11. Down But Not Beaten

Seaside Ska-Punkers Stank Finger have just released their long-awaited debut album 'Three Finger Discount' and it's exactly as fun and silly as you would imagine. Following on from a successful 2023 Great Yarmouth Ska-Punkers Stank Finger are excited to be releasing their debut album 'Three Finger Discount'. The album along with many other great tracks includes the groups most recent single 'Help Yourself', which has gained attention from Mike Herrera (NOFX/Goldfinger) who played it on his Podcast, and Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup/Blood, Sweat and Beers Podcast) who called it "a f**king great song". 'Three Finger Discount' shows off the bands fun personalities and writing skills within each and every song. The tracks on here range from pop-punk to ska-punk with some songs giving a bit of everything in one. The 'Intro' track to 'Three Finger Discount' introduces the band and their fun personalities while playing a bit of a silly take on classic game show 'Supermarket Sweep'. Then listeners are met with a very pop-punk track 'Sweet Nothing' which honestly is just a good song. Bursting with energy next on the queue is 'Jolly Rancher', this is the album version of the song which has previously been released as a single. I instantly thought of Simple Plan listening to this but if they had more gravelly vocals. I was very attracted to the riff in this one and it even begins to show off that seaside ska sound that Stank Finger has. 'DMTNT' comes in next, and this one really competed for my favourite on the album. It's full of clever lyricism comparing nowadays corruption to pirates. The upbeat sail the seas riff draws you in and it has a chorus that will easily get stuck in your head. Skipping on a bit to 'GY Sky Rats', this one which is driven by the bass and powerful ska sound and again shows off the lyrical abilities of the band. This track focuses on a story of Steve the Seagull and how he steals your chips. 'Dib Dab' coming up next feels a little bit slower and groovier at the start showing a bit of another side to Stank Finger. Before long though the punk fueled guitars race in, and the song moves into this cool punk and ska breakdown. I was also quite a fan of the more punk sided shoutier vocals. How could I not mention the track that everyone is talking about 'Help Yourself' which was the second single from Stank Finger. It opens with a very typical pop punk type riff that you'll swear you've heard somewhere before then the vocals come in followed by everything that makes Stank Finger unique. This was definitely the song that made me want to check these guys out and I am so happy that I did. 'Help Yourself' is ridiculously catchy and will make you want to get up off your chair. This one is hands down my favourite on 'Three Finger Discount'. Last track I want to talk about from this great album is 'Down But Not Beaten', the rockiest on the album. This closer has a bit of a Sum 41 energy about it, especially in the chorus which I am a big big fan of. This one builds and explodes with guitars and attacking drumbeats that will have you (much like the chorus says) "coming back for more". I also can't not mention the beautiful soaring guitar solo before it fools you into thinking the track is going to breakdown when you're then met with a chilled ska moment. This is a very cool one that also has a fun little outro attached on the end. I am a pretty big fan of what Stank Finger have done with this album. 'Three Finger Discount' showcases the bands songwriting abilities and for a debut release this is pretty impressive. I personally am expecting big things from Stank Finger, and I would highly recommend checking them out before they blow up.

Stank Finger are

James Pendle: Guitar & Vocals Liam Osborne: Guitar & Vocals Damien Lown: Bass Michael Porter; Drums

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