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Slope - True Blue

Slope have released a new single and video 'True Blue'.


Slope once again show off their multi-genre style with new single 'True Blue'. Drawing inspirations from the likes of Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine and early Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slope have a slightly chaotic but powerful and captivating sound. The group don't let themselves be tied down by one specific genre and have created something that is truly unique. Lyrically Slope focus on personal struggles and unsatisfying situations that many face in today's world, in particular the topic of being deceived by the system. Slope clearly aren't afraid to get vulnerable, but they do it in their own powerful way.

"True Blue is a mood swing itself. Midnight Blues and High Life. Out detailed and simple. Smilin' and Cryin'. True Blue. The video is a mirror of life as we know it. Times of joy and colour interrupted by the strong melancholic Blue." - (Slope)

'True Blue' (Official Video)

Listen to 'True Blue' HERE

Slope Upcoming Tour Dates

8th October - Z-Bau - Nuremberg, DE 13th October - Junkyard - Dortmund, DE

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