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Spacelord - Enemy Lines

Spacelord are bringing another instalment from their upcoming album; the soaring sci-fi single 'Enemy Lines' will be released on October 1st.


Spacelord are releasing their next instalment from their upcoming album. 'Enemy Lines' much like last single also features a B - Side; Led Zeppelin cover 'Out on the Tiles'.

Spacelord have made Doom charts with their first two album and in 2019 they played Descendants of Crom Festival and the Music is Art Festival. After the pandemic hit the duo began remotely recording a small project that evolved into what will be their third full length album. The album in question is hoped to be released in early November. 'Enemy Lines' was inspired by Russian science-fiction novel 'Roadside Picnic'. The track has soaring verses and an anthemic chorus. I personally really liked how it turned out like an acoustic song that was given a bit more fire. Much like 'Midnight Shadow', 'Enemy Lines' really shows of the duo's amazing songwriting ability.

"We're both insanely proud of this song. We hope our friends in the stoner, doom, and heavy psyche communities love it as much as we do. And we really hope this can reach a wider audience too. There are so many different elements coming together for this song, and for the full album, that I can't even tell you what genre it is. There's stuff here I think prog fans will like, stuff I think roots rock fans will like, classic rock fans, blues fans, even metal fans." (Ed Grabianowski, Vocals)

"Enemy Lines is one of those tunes that forces itself into existence. It started as a simple acoustic track, but it was apparent to us right away that this song was begging to sprout much larger wings." (Richard Root, Guitar)

The track also has this really weird, kind of creepy almost advert like video that accompanies it, which was directed by H Pattinson. I would not only recommend checking out 'Enemy Lines' but give it listen while watching the video, it's a pretty cool experience. The creepy memetic collage of terrifying otherworldy intrusions gives a whole new depth to the song and reminds me a lot of the dark side of internet videos I love to watch. Also the style of the video with words coming across the screen really makes it feel like they are inviting you into something... something strange. As I mentioned before 'Enemy Lines' also features a B - SIde. The great 'Out on the Tiles' originally by Led Zeppelin. Spacelord seem to like to tackle songs from the greatest artists and so far they've been pulling it off. Also I think that adding these B - Sides is a nice way to give fans just a little bit extra while we wait for the album.

"A few years ago we played a Halloween show where we dressed up as Led Zeppelin and did a set of covers, even Stairway. But I was more intimidated by trying to do Bonham's drums for this Zeppelin cover than I was trying to do Plant's vocals. This song is so fun to play though. It's ridiculously happy." (Ed Grabianowski, Vocals)

I would definitely recommend giving this single a listen when it drops on October 1st but in the meantime check out Spacelord's released music. In my opinion they are one of those special bands that you don't see often and are definitely worth your time.

Band Line Up

Ed Grabianowski: Vocals, Drums Richard Root: Guitar, Bass, Producer

Check out Spacelord on

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