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Matt C. White - Mr. Bloody Bones

Brooklyn based Matt C. White has released his new folklore themed single 'Mr. Bloody Bones' from upcoming album 'Creepshow Peepshow Act 2'.


Album Art Matt C. White

Bushwick fuzz lord Matt C. White has released his new single 'Mr. Bloody Bones' and also has announced his new album the second act of 'Creepshow Peepshow' .

Matt C. White grew up in rural North Carolina. He recieved his first guitar at age 10 and became dedicated to mastering swampy bluesy riffs. As a teenager Matt C. White grew a love for alt and prog rock which is also an influence on his music style, especially from bands such as; Soundgarden, The Mars Volta, Hum and Mastodon. In 2011 White moved to New York City and began performing open mic's, in doing this his first group Dead Second's were formed. They released two albums; 'The Grain' (2015) and 'The Ground' (2018). After this White formed another band with people whom he shared a love for fuzzy, psychedlic rock. Grandpa Jack also put out a few albums; a self-titled (2018), 'Staggered Steps' (2019) and 'Trash Can Boogie' (2020). The band became a staple in the underground Brooklyn rock scene. With all the projects that White has been involved in they all have that soul-driven, southern sound. White has performed in several cross-country tours and earned a place as a Keeley Electronics Showcase Artist. More recently White has been working on projects including upcoming solo album and San Salvo which is a funk-fueled instrumental project that released their album 'Rarities' in early 2021. New single 'Mr. Bloody Bones' is a track that in my opinion really catches your attention from the get-go. Opening with this powerful riff and continuing with harsh grungy vocals but still managing to be fun, this is a really cool track. 'Mr. Bloody Bones' is based upon a creepy folk legend, a swamp-dwelling creature that many southern parents used to scare children into good behaviour. White uses this character as a metaphor for one's dark side within the song and suggests that maybe we should befriend it rather than being afraid of it.

"I'd like to think (Mr. Bloody Bones) is just misunderstood. Sure, he's creepy and all, but he can be kind of fun once you get to know him." (Matt C. White)

I really think that within 'Mr. Bloody Bones' White managed to tell this story and really make you think about befriending the dark parts of yourself or at least accept them. The mix of this great story with his signature fuzzed guitars and classic southern taste makes this song stand out as something really cool. This new single is the first from upcoming album 'Creepshow Peepshow Act 2'. The new album will maintain a similar them as the first act but alongside White's fuzzy sound you can expect some acoustic tracks that are reminiscent of his beloved 'Wallow in the Hollow' album.

Listen to 'Mr Bloody Bones' on Spotify HERE

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Photo by Jake Calonius

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