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Muddy Moonshine - Charm of Drinking Hard/ Me & You

Finnish southern rock band Muddy Moonshine have released a double single 'Charm of Drinking Hard/ Me & You' from their upcoming second album.


Album Cover by Mika Kekkonen and Jonne Rytkonen

Muddy Moonshine have released a double single welcoming listeners to their new era. The rolling first song 'Charm of Drinking Hard' and the softer ballad like second song 'Me & You' are both recorded with new vocalist and are from the bands second studio album which will be released later this year via Secret Entertainment. Founded in the summer of 2014 Muddy Moonshine have seen a lot of line up change to become who they are today. The original idea created by Jonne Rytkonen, Tero and Jarmo Ikala was to be a small three person blues band that would perform pub shows. Later they became a bigger idea with Saku Manninen joining on drums, Jaako Ruusulampi on bass and Niko Turunen adding to the line up. Muddy Moonshine began recording their first EP 'Distilled in Finland' in 2015 but shortly after Jaako left being replaced by Kim Sandstrom, Niko also leaving to be replaced by Stefan Granroth. This was the line up for a little while before Tero also left just before recording their debut album due to health issues and he was replaced by Aleksi Ahokas (Rapture, Fragilehollow).

Muddy Moonshine's debut album 'Muddy & Wild' was recorded in 2016 at Porvoo Magnusburg Studios and was published via Inverse Records affiliated company Secret Entertainment Worldwide. Muddy Moonshine's current line up for this new album saw Aleksi leave due to musical differences and they were replaced by experienced frontman Thomas Vee (Iconofear, Doperman, Hedonist & Zombie Rodeo). Also when entering the studio for this album Stefan instead wanted to spend time focussing on family.

Line Up

Tuamo Varjola: Vocals Jonne Rytkonen: Guitar Jarmo Ikala: Guitar Kim Sandstrom: Bass Saku Manninen: Drums

Listen to 'Charm of Drinking Hard/ Me & You'

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Picture by Emma Manninen

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