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Leon O Leary - China Heart

New song 'China Heart' is a spacey soundscape from Leon O'Leary that tells of relationship heartbreak along with feelings of regret and shame.


Leon O'Leary is a indie folk/alternative artist from Suffolk, UK. New song 'China Heart' was released on the 9th of April and the track is a little different from previous releases and focuses on the story of heartbreak. Leon O'Leary may only be nineteen years old but he writes songs with the depth and passion of a much older soul. O'Leary has previously recieved BBC introducing East's 'Track of the Week' and has performed at festivals such as Lattitude and Ipswich Sound City. With influences from artists such as Sam Fender, Bruce Springsteen, The War On Drugs and Ben Howard, Leon O'Leary has this nice blend of indie folk and alternative sounds. 'China Heart' is a story of heartbreak between a troubled soul and a kind, delicate heart. A flawed man who is unable to change his ways and 'China Heart' explores the feelings from both sides. Recorded and produced by O'Leary this new song is different from his previous releases. 'China Heart' sees an influence of surf rock, the electric guitars echo with spring reverb, there's fast paced drums and a bluesy toned rhythm guitar. 'China Heart' has anthemic build ups and euphoric choruses. O'Leary's lyricism within this track I think is really clever with lines such as 'Let the canvas be my skin, paint it white, cover up the sin' beautifully depicting a feeling of guilt. Personally for me this new song 'China Heart' is this stunning, sweeping piece that you can entirely get lost in. From the spacey atmosphere to the euphoric choruses and that creative lyricism there is so much to take in and enjoy with this one. Leon O'Leary is 100% an artist to watch out for and 'China Heart' is definitely a track you should be checking out!

Listen to 'China Heart' HERE

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